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El Gringo de las Fritas and His Magic Box

El Gringo Honoring Tradition in Modern Interpretation
El Gringo de las Fritas so named by the Legendary El Mago de las Fritas a protege and Brother in Law of the Miami Food Legend Benito Gonzalez R.I.P. Entered the South Florida Food World after decades in Accounting and Marketing found a hidden passion. A passion not really for food but the impact of food in a persons life. A momentary escape to another world, time, place. Much like music, whether its the first time you and associate to something familiar or the 100th time and you associate to a special moment in your life. So he realized the passion comes because food in very emotional. Sometimes its the presentation on the plate, sometimes its the person presenting. Maybe its the flavor profile or the blend of multiple profiles. El Gringo lives to see the reaction and loves to encourage his staff to seek the same. A complete eating experience one that touches a soul. 

Words without Actions are Lost Opportunities
- El Gringo de las Fritas
Good Food is Good Food. It doesn't have to come with Pretense.
- Chistina Tosi Milk Bar
Created for You
We want to make every experience special so do not hesitate to ask. You have an idea of a new topping or sauce or seasoning we will give it a go. Just tell us and if we can afford it we will make the time to do it for you. Maybe your name will go on the Menu.
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